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We help homeowners add value to their homes going to market by partnering with local general contractors.

Are you looking to maximize the profits made from selling your home? There can be what seems like never ending obstacles in your way if you try to do this yourself. Such as coming up with the funds for expensive renovations, understanding what needs to be done to raise the value of your home, finding trustworthy experienced contractors to complete the work all pose their own struggles. This is where we come in!

WNY Contractor Connect uses our experience in the investment industry to develop renovations plans that will add maximum value to your home. We then partner the homeowners with verified general contractors to perform the value adding updates at a fraction of the upfront cost to the homeowner. Contact us today to find out more or call us at (716) 622-0274.

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of our professional and experienced contractors

Are you a general contractor looking for business? We have just what you need. By partnering with WNY Contractor Connect, you can get paired with projects that fit your expertise. We also provide homeowners with detailed information about you. This includes your:

  • Qualifications
  • Past projects
  • Customer reviews

Unlock your full potential by signing on with us. Reach out to us today to learn more about our process.

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