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At WNY Contractor Connect you are a valued member of the projects you partner on and are compensated as such.

There are numerous companies in the investment field but none of those companies allow the contractor to share in the profits along with the homeowner like we do call us at (716) 622-0274.

We are excited to introduce WNY Contractor Connect an innovative agency that aims to revolutionize the property improvement industry by connecting contractors and homeowner to raise the value of their homes before going to market and ensuring substantial profits through our trusted process.

At WNY Contractor Connect our mission is to bring the profits seen in investing back to the homeowner and contractor. With our process we are able to bring properties to their top value allowing larger profits to be split among the homeowner and contractors. If you're a Contractor who possess the expertise to deliver exceptional results and are looking for market that is not overcrowded then come see if we can be a good fit for you.

At WNY Contractor Connect our mission is to bridge the gap between homeowners seeking updates and repairs needed to sell their properties for top value and contractors who possess the expertise to deliver exceptional results. We understand that finding reliable and profitable projects can be challenging, which is why we have developed a unique system that offers numerous benefits to contractors who join our network.

By becoming a part of our trusted network of contractors, you will gain access to a wide range of advantages:

  1. Lucrative Profit Margins: Our top-level analysts & assessors meticulously vet each property before it enters our network. This rigorous process ensures that we select homes with the best margins and lowest risk, allowing you to maximize your earnings on each project.
  2. Unparalleled Expertise: Our team consists of industry experts who possess extensive knowledge and experience in property analysis, assessment, and real estate. By leveraging their expertise, we ensure that you are connected with projects that align with your skills and capabilities, increasing the likelihood of success and profitability.
  3. Enhanced Reputation: Being a part of our trusted network will enhance your reputation as a reliable and skilled contractor. Homeowners will recognize your association with WNY Contractor Connect. as a mark of quality and professionalism, leading to increased referrals and future business opportunities.
  4. Access to New Markets: As the first of its kind in this field, WNY Contractor Connect. is pioneering a new approach that allows contractors and homeowners to access the same profit margins typically seen in the investing space. By joining our network, you will gain exposure to a broader customer base and tap into new markets, expanding your business opportunities.

We invite you to seize this opportunity to join our trusted network of contractors today. By doing so, you will position yourself at the forefront of this industry revolution, ensuring a prosperous future for your contracting company.

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